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Open data sheet and curves. 12 usd 6h8c tube data booklet - fixed prices ( without rebate) 6h8c tube data booklet 6h8c tube data booklet are in blue. To put item to basket - click on the basket picture or price. 13 usd - each click on the price add one more pcs to the basket.

14 usd - prices with special offer are in red. Mouse placing gives discount information. ~ 15 usd - estimated prices are in grey. Russian 6h8c/ 6sn7 - 1960' s vintage. These are sooooo cool. I got these 6h8c tube data booklet from a guy who actually found them in a warehouse in brazil. When i opened the musty boxes, i felt so much like nikita kruschev i almost started pounding my shoe on the table! Vacuum tubes: transmitting & receiving: p/ n starting with " 6", page 6h8c tube data booklet 3. * various brands* - we supply our choice. Extra charge for specific brand selection; call for choice of availability, pricing, 6h8c tube data booklet and for matching pairs.

Tube data sheet locator. Warning: substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Title: 6es8 4es8 author: sylvania subject: ja- fpcreated date: 9: 33: 45 pm. 6c33c- b ( ru) – 6s33s- v these triodes are intended 6h8c tube data booklet to work as regulating valve in electronic 6h8c tube data booklet stabilisers of voltage. They consist of two triodes ( a and b) in the same glass envelope. Cathodes, grids and plates are internally connected in parallel. The filaments are lead out separately for each triode.

Manufacturers: ulyanov. Buy from a trusted seller - fully guaranteed and ships from the usa! Extremely rare holy grail nos 6h8c tube data booklet matched pair of melz 6sn7 / 6n8s / 6h8c tube data booklet 6h8c vacuum tubes. I' ve been trying to find the tube data for these russian wonder tubes ( supposedly) but could not find 6h8c tube data booklet one. One tube vendor here in the us sells them for $ 95 a pop and posted the following: " this is a nos russian 6sn7- gt tube, metal base with " t" plates. Another common name for russian 6sn7 tubes is 6h8c tube. Tube 6н8с or röhre 6н8с id18840, double triode, octal ( int. Octal, io) k8a, 6h8c tube data booklet usa 1935 and 6h8c tube data booklet audio frequency shown. Radio tubes are valves.

- blknotes - tubes asylum. Has anyone heard or made a comparison of the 6h8c tube data booklet russian made 6h8c metal based tube 6h8c tube data booklet against any of the high end nos 6sn7. 6j8 is a russian hf pentode tube. The tube is covered with black metal screen. Equivalents to the 6sj7.

6sn7 6sn7gt 6sn7gtb 6sn7wgt 5692 ecc35 6n8s 6h8c 12sn7gt. 6sn7gtb general electric. 6n8s russian tube 6h8c 6sn7gt 12sn7gt heintz & kaufman 12sn7gta sylvania chrome. The 2e26 6h8c tube data booklet is a small vhf transmitting beam tetrode that was typically used in mobile transmitters. As a single ended class c rf amplifier it would generate up to 5. 5 watts in 6h8c tube data booklet the vhf range to 125 mhz. If used in push- pull with up to 500 volts on the anodes the pair 6h8c tube data booklet could produce up to 50 watts but 27 would be more typical. 6n2p, 6h8c tube data booklet 6n2pev, 6h2n, 6h2n- eb, hi- fi audio.

General double triodes, used as an low frequency power amplifier. Envelope: glass miniature. Tube 6н7с or 6h8c tube data booklet 6h8c tube data booklet röhre 6н7с 6h8c tube data booklet id18839, double triode, octal ( int. Octal, io) k8a, usa 1935 and power/ output shown. Electrontubestore. Com 6hf8 triode and power- pentode tube [ vt- 6hf8] - type 6hf8 triode and power- pentode tube, new old stock, boxed. Tube is tested and guaranteed 30 days. Electron tube type: 6h8c tube data booklet brand: system: data sheet; 6h31 : tesla h 6h31. Pdfbytes) ( cs) 6h4gt tung- sol d 6h4gt. Pdfbytes) 6h4gt nu d 6h4gt.

Pdfbytes) 6h5 raytheon ti 6h5. Pdfbytes) 6h6 rca dd 6h6. Pdfbytes) 6h6 rca dd. In response to the initial post, the russian 6h8c is a direct replacement for the 6sn7. If you are looking to add this tube to your collection you have to be sure to find the 1976 version that will be stamped with " 1578".

Title: 6cy5 author: tung- sol subject: fpcreated date: 10: 15: 03 pm. Title: 6c4 author: general electric subject: ja- fpcreated date: 10: 54: 24 pm. Electron tube type: brand: system: data sheet; 6n16b 6 16: soviet tt 6n16b. Pdfbytes) 6n17b 6 17: soviet tt 6n17b. Pdfbytes) 6n1p svetlana tt 6n1pspec. Pdfbytes) 6n1pev 6 1: soviet tt 6n1pev.

Pdfbytes) 6n1pvi 6 1: 6h8c tube data booklet soviet tt 6n1pvi. Pdfbytes) 6n1p 6 1: soviet. Master datasheet type index. My hb- 3 data collection! I am working on scanning and placing on this page the entire rca hb- 3 tube manual. As of 3/ 5/ 05, i 6h8c tube data booklet have finished scanning the general section, receiving tubes part 1, receiving tubes part 2, miscellaneous, special- purpose receiving- type tubes, thyratron, ignitron, and glow- discharge tubes, and most of the 6h8c tube data booklet transmitting tubes, as well as all. Electron tube type: brand: system: data sheet; 6fv6 tung- sol q 6fv6. Pdfbytes) 6fv8 rca ( hb3) tp 6fv8. Pdfbytes) 6fv8 general electric tp 6fv8. Pdfbytes) 6fv8 tung- sol tp 6fv8. Pdfbytes) 6fv8a : rca ( rc30) tp 6bn11.

Double triode, 6h8c datasheet, 6h8c circuit, 6h8c data sheet : etc, alldatasheet, datasheet, datasheet search site for electronic components and semiconductors. 6n8s 6sn7gt 6h8c russian 6sn7 6n8c 6h8c 6sn7 6sn7gt, the best choice for audio, tube, radio lampa russian 6sn7gt equivalent, built to fullfill russian military standards, they are very quality built and sonically superior to today’ s current production! The 6n8s double triode is designed for amplification of low- frequency voltage. The 6n8s double triodes are enclosed in glass bulb and are provided with an octal base and an indirectly heated oxide- coated cathode. Calibration booklet. If 6h8c tube data booklet the card set is missing, that is a real pity.

The original cards for 6h8c tube data booklet tubes like 6922 and 6h8c tube data booklet 6sn7 are masterpieces of " 6h8c tube data booklet card design" and show you how to get the utmost out of your tester. ( russian designation for those tubes are another though. For instance 6sn7 is called 6h8c). 6n13s, 6h13c, hi- fi audio. General double triodes, used as 6h8c tube data booklet an regulator in electronic stabilizer circuits. I think that this tube would be 6h8c tube data booklet a great candidate for a screen drive experiment, but i have not tried it yet. Was there any way to use this tube in triode or ul mode? I got this idea that if i could run ul at a reduced screen voltage that this tube would rock, 6h8c tube data booklet so i wired an 0a2 in series with the screen grid.

5c8s rectifier svetlana tubes lot of 25 in factory box data production 1977 " star" marked. Russian svetlana factory 5c8s is double- anode full rectifier tube the tubes are never used. Military equipment. The 6h8c tube data booklet 1578 russian metal based tubes are competetive with the best 6sn7 tubes. Finding the real mccoy, in nos is the hard part : > compared to the sylvania 6sn7w ( 6h8c tube data booklet a great tube! ), the 1578 has better ambiance and air, the w has the edge in clarity and inner detail.

Quality russian 6c4c tube triode. Similar to 6s4s / 6b4g tube. Made by svetlana. Vacuum tubes store. 6h8c: this is a rather difficult to find russian made tube that is a direct replacement for the 6h8c tube data booklet 6sn7. This tube can be confusing to buy for the novice, as there are several versions 6h8c tube data booklet available. The common version has a medium glass envelope and a black plastic base, and are still in production in russia.

The 3v4 audio output pentode was designed for use in battery portable radio receivers. Mullard describe their 3v4 equivalent as a battery operated output pentode with 6h8c tube data booklet centre 6h8c tube data booklet tapped filament, and designed for operation with equal voltages on both screen and anode. The bright nickel anode box 6h8c tube data booklet 6h8c tube data booklet is rectangular in cross section and obscures the grids. 25z5 datasheet, 25z5 pdf, 25z5 data 6h8c tube data booklet sheet, 25z5 manual, 25z5 pdf, 6h8c tube data booklet 25z5, datenblatt, electronics 25z5, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, datasheets, data sheet, datas. Title: 7984 author: general electric subject: ja- fpcreated date: 1: 02: 16 am

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